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Gerrie Kalaidjian

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Children, Teens

After establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship, I work to help children and teens who are struggling with depression and/or anxiety. These emotions may be related to changing schools, personal physical and social development (social media), peer pressure, parental expectations, divorce, and career goal development.

Adults & Couples

I have extensive experience working with adults who are currently in crisis and/or who are in transition.  At various stages of adult life, many of us experience symptoms of depression/anxiety.   
I work with my clients to help us together understand the source(s) of the client’s depression and anxiety and to explore different therapeutic solutions.


I help clients who are having difficulty in their marriage or primary relationship.  Together we examine the current issues that are causing problems.  We then discuss and identify goals for each individual as well as the couple. Couples eventually learn that healthy relationships need the freedom to experience and explore both individual and relationship growth. 

Gerrie Kalaidjian, MA, MBA

Fully licensed US Mental Health Counselor (Florida #11240), with over 15+ years experience working with Children, Teens, Adults and Couples in a multi-cultural setting.

Counseling Goals

I have established Phuket Counseling to provide western oriented mental health counseling services to the island of Phuket. Working with the international adult and child population, my goal is assisting clients to live fuller, more productive lives. My approach to counseling involves creating a safe environment where clients can identify and come to understand the real issues that are affecting them…where they can learn new and more effective ways of thinking, feeling and responding…and where they can productively communicate, problem-solve and resolve conflict.

Full Service in PHUKET

Counseling Services

Children, Teens, and Families
In working with children and families, I specialize in helping clients identify specific sources of stress and problems that are negatively impacting their lives and to help find solutions to get back on track. Once problem areas have been identified, the client and counselor work together to develop new, positive ways of coping with these sources of stress. In my counseling experience I have worked to help students struggling with issues such as depression, ADHD, grief, stress related to changing schools, concerns about personal physical and social development, peer pressure, parental expectations, and educational and career goal development. As their counselor, I help my clients to resolve their individual issues by providing a consistent source of support and encouragement for making positive change.

Adults and Couples
I have extensive experience working with adults who are currently in crisis. This would include those having difficulty dealing with depression and/or anxiety associated with the loss of a family member or friend, or other unexpected life events that may be occurring either here in Thailand or in their home country.

I also work with adults who are in transition. I help clients who are working through relationship issues including divorce and separation, experiencing career and life transitions, having money issues, and dealing with challenges to personal health. I help parents who seek advice and assistance regarding parenting, especially in a foreign environment. For those clients seeking major changes in how they live, we work together to identify the specific short and long term goals and then the steps required that will help to facilitate this process toward their goal(s). Finally, with many older adult clients, aging and end of life concerns and planning are openly discussed.


More About Gerrie

Gerrie is originally from the State of Florida, by whom he is licensed as a Mental Health Counsellor ( No. 11240). In 2013, Gerrie established Phuket Mental Health Counselling, in the province of Phuket, Thailand, to provide western oriented mental health counselling services to the region’s expat community. In the past five years, Gerrie has provided counselling services to clients from 27 different countries and range in age from 6 to 75 years old. Gerrie also works with the international schools in Phuket providing in-school counselling for students who require services beyond the scope of the school counsellor.

In Orlando Florida, Gerrie Kalaidjian was a counsellor for The Center for Drug Free Living, a federal/state and locally funded organization that provided a wide array of counselling services to the Orlando/Orange County community. The focus of much of the counselling, especially in the schools, was “prevention” working with the schools in identifying at risk students and providing counselling to those students and to their parents. He also was a counsellor/facilitator for “Back on Track” a group counselling program that provided a five week drug/alcohol psychological/education program for students aged 12-18 who had been caught on school grounds using or in possession of substances. This program provided an honest assessment of the student’s use, the myths and facts of drug use related to physical and mental health, and a plan for stop using.

Gerrie received his Master in Counseling from Rollins College in Winter Park Florida and his MBA  from Boston University

In working with adults and youths for the past 15 years, Gerrie has learned that drug and alcohol related problems are often accompanied by untreated mental health issues. He has worked to help clients who have established goals of abstinence to understand the underlying reasons that may have contributed to their original decision to experiment with substances. Developing this understanding is a crucial component to the client being able to move forward and stick to the client being able to move forward and stick to their goals.

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