Counseling Phuket

Gerrie Kalaidjian

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Children, Teens

After establishing a trusting therapeutic relationship, I work to help children and teens who are struggling with depression and/or anxiety. These emotions may be related to changing schools, personal physical and social development (social media), peer pressure, parental expectations, divorce, and career goal development.

Adults & Couples

I have extensive experience working with adults who are currently in crisis and/or who are in transition.  At various stages of adult life, many of us experience symptoms of depression/anxiety.
I work with my clients to help us together understand the source(s) of the client’s depression and anxiety and to explore different therapeutic solutions.


I help clients who are having difficulty in their marriage or primary relationship.  Together we examine the current issues that are causing problems.  We then discuss and identify goals for each individual as well as the couple. Couples eventually learn that healthy relationships need the freedom to experience and explore both individual and relationship growth. 

Gerrie Kalaidjian, MA, MBA

Fully licensed US Mental Health Counselor (Florida #11240), with over 15+ years experience working with Children, Teens, Adults and Couples in a multi-cultural setting.

Counseling Goals

I have established Phuket Counseling to provide western oriented mental health counseling services to the island of Phuket. Working with the international adult and child population, my goal is assisting clients to live fuller, more productive lives. My approach to counseling involves creating a safe environment where clients can identify and come to understand the real issues that are affecting them…where they can learn new and more effective ways of thinking, feeling and responding…and where they can productively communicate, problem-solve and resolve conflict.

Full Service in PHUKET and online

Are you looking for Counseling in Phuket or online?

No matter if you are an adult, a couple, a family or have a child or teenager that is, or knows someone that is struggling with everyday life, depression, anxiety or other emotional challenges, at Counseling Phuket you will find the relief and exercises needed to improve your mental or emotional stability.

At Counseling Phuket, you can expect professional, anonymous, western-oriented, mental health counseling services focused on controlling emotional challenges, depression, anxiety, crises, transitions, relationship issues and much more.
During our sessions, which either will be taking place in a safe environment at our clinic in Phuket, or online via Skype, will focus on digging down to the very source of the individual challenges, to then find the best therapeutical path to mental or emotional relief.

Gerrie Kalaidjian, MA, MBA, is a fully licensed US Mental Health Counselor (Florida #11240), with over 15+ years experience working with children, teens, adults and couples from 27 different nations in a multi-cultural setting.

No matter the challenge you are facing, Gerrie’s goal is to assist clients live fuller and more productive lives.

Feel free to get in touch by sending us an E-mail, so we can set up a private counseling session in order to improve your own well-being, create emotional stability and/or mental relaxation for you or your spouse, peers or those you think may benefit from counseling.

Depression and Anxiety

Is the way that you are currently feeling having an affect on your daily life? Do you find yourself struggling to cope, feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings? Are you living with a health condition that is making you feel tired, frustrated and worried?

Couple Relationships

Are you often finding yourself in the midst of arguments and crises with your partner? Do you struggle with finding the right words towards your partner to explain how you feel? Do you feel unsatisfied in your current relationship, or did one of your partners have an affair?

Adult Personal Development Coaching

Do you feel like you are at a standstill in your life? Or maybe you wish to increase self-awareness, self-knowledge, or buildup self-esteem? Perhaps you wish to pinpoint your strengths and talents, but have lost sight of what exactly they are?

Children and Teen Personal Development

Is your child or teenager struggling with finding friends? No dreams or ambitions? Do you feel that he or she is suffering from a low confidence or being unmotivated? Perhaps your child or teen has trouble finding their own strengths and talents?

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